[INFOGRAPHICS] P1.53-billion Malampaya fund misuse

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported the filing of the graft cases against former Palawan Governor Joel Reyes, but constituents interested in the nitty-gritty of how public money was allegedly misused would be interested in the following tables listing the incomplete projects tainted by irregularities.

I also made the map above, to better visualize which towns have been affected by contracts with allegedly anomalous implementation.

Check out the following tables for more details regarding the alleged misuse of P1.53-billion in Malampaya funds.

First off, here is the list of the accused individuals and the number of charges they each file and the bail they should pay if they want to secure temporary liberty while the cases are pending:malampaya-accused

Here is the summary of the cases docketed SB-17-CRM-293 to SB-17-CRM-303. These concern the alleged violation of Section 3(e) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. According to the Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for Luzon, Reyes allegedly conspired with several provincial government officials to award a total of 209 contracts worth P1.53 billion to 11 contractors despite various violations of the Government Procurement Reform Act:


Meanwhile, SB-17-CRM-304 to SB-17-CRM-306 are the graft cases filed against Reyes and the province’s finance officials for allowing the issuance of eleven disbursement vouchers to three contractors despite the incompleteness of the supporting documents for the fund releases:malampaya-304-306

These are the graft cases, SB-17-CRM-307 to SB-17-CRM-345 filed against provincial engineer Charlie Factor and several others at the provincial engineering office for allegedly issuing statements of work accomplished and accomplishment/inspection reports certifying the completion of the projects, in order to justify the payment for infrastructure that turned out to be egregiously far from finished in some cases: Malampaya 307-345

These cases, SB-17-CRM-346 to SB-17-CRM-367 involved the violation of Section 3(g) of the graft law, with only Reyes as the accused. The then-governor had allegedly entered into disadvantageous contracts that lack a provision compelling the contractors to pay liquidated damages in case of project delays:malampaya-346-367

The falsification charges, SB-17-CRM-368 to SB-17-CRM-444, involve mostly Factor and the other engineering officials, as well as the respective contractors:malampaya-368-444

Lastly, SB-17-CRM-445 to SB-17-CRM-451 involve the alleged violation of Presidential Decree No. 1759, penalizing the violation of the terms of public works contracts:malampaya-445-451

For an MS Excel version of these tables, click on this link:


For the PDF files of the 159 charges filed at the Sandiganbayan, click on the following links arranged numerically:


I’m proud to say that while some rotten apples in the media can be unabashed freeloaders, most of my colleagues at the Sandiganbayan are all too eager to dig into 491 pages of case informations (Journalists might want to trust the CamScanner app, which I use for organized and less cumbersome documentation). I spent only two nights creating the Excel file below, thanks to the help of two enterprising reporters Carolyn Bonquin of ABS-CBN and Lian Buan of Rappler. Hire them for your encoding needs. #


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