To the entitled brat


To the entitled brat at the beat,

Isn’t it weird how being out of college makes you throw any shred of integrity out the window? Isn’t it sad how easy it is to draw a paycheck just by mooching off your peers’ hard work?

Ah, but it’s more comfortable to just sit on your ass in your online media company’s air-conditioned, WiFi-connected office. You’re thinking, perhaps, that there is no reason to go to the Sandiganbayan only to be frustrated at the lack of cellphone reception and reek of the canteen’s intrusive smell.

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[RANT] It’s the Little Things That Detract From “Your Lie in April”

With armpits this high, it’s a wonder Kaori’s violin-playing did not snap her shoulder like a twig.

Let me get this out of the way first: I did not hate Your Lie in April, at least not as much as how I reacted to it during the first couple of episodes.

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