[NEWS] 03/14/17: Drug war widow sues ‘Duterte’

War on drugs: ‘Duterte’ and men sued for killing father and son

Vince F. Nonato
A mother and her daughter (veiled in black and peach cloth) sues eight policemen and their informant at the Office of the Ombudsman for murdering her husband and her son.
Will this be a case of People vs. Duterte?
A woman who lost her husband and son to the government’s bloody anti-narcotics campaign has sued eight Caloocan City policemen and their informant at the Office of the Ombudsman.
The policemen, led by Northern Police District Special Operations Unit (NPD-DSOU) chief Supt. Ali Jose Duterte, were accused of murdering Luis Bonifacio and 19-year-old son Gabriel Lois at their house on Sept. 15, under the guise of a purported buy-bust operation.
The supposedly unarmed Bonifacios were allegedly killed during the operation after fighting back against authorities—”nanlaban,” as the police would explain the ensuing bloodshed.